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Who WE are

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Dr. Krystal White and Eli Smith facilitate the Thrive Time Podcast. We like to converse about topics that influence, think about concepts that matter, and coach in ways that inspire.Dr. Krystal White

Professional Research meets Practical Application

Here’s a little bit about us:

Dr. Krystal White is a pediatric psychologist who specializes in community assets and the family. She serves as an expert in providing services for the 0-5 population, conducting developmental and psychological evaluations, and equipping families to develop healthy habits. Dr. White works at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center co-located with pediatricians in the Department of Pediatrics. She is an expert in child and adolescent psychology and family health. She has a weekly radio hour on the Kaiserslautern AFN on positive health. She completed a fellowship at Madigan Army Medical Center, has a PhD in child clinical psychology and master’s of Christian leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a master’s in education from Harvard.

Eli Smith is a news and radio broadcaster in the Air Force for AFN Europe, who has worn many practical and business hats through his adult life: He

-Owns real-estate investment company

– has served as a business leadership counselorELIBIO Photo copy

-Studied psychology and religion, now getting second degree in exercise science and kinesiology

-is an ISSA certified personal trainer

-was a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN

-is a professional voice coach for singers and actors

 We’ve got passions (endurance sports, climbing mountains) future visions (Eli wants to be the first person in his family to own a yacht), vices (Dr. White constantly changes her mind) and pet peeves (dinner guests who talk about their commute). All of these contribute to our own search for our own thrive time.  


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