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Dr. White’s published articles

SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS! Yep, We all need ways to get by during this season

Worried that your children might be a little over-spoiled? Learn how to treat them without developing a sense of entitlement

Need to bring a healthy dish to a party? Try these healthy recipes

How much IPAD, computer, TV and video games do your kids get? Learn more about how to cut back, and why 

Feeling tired and blue this winter? Learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder

Need to keep the kids sharp over school breaks? Learn some ideas here

Wine Thrive….German Wine Facts 

Educational Traveling is my go to Thrive Time….here’s a travelog on making cheese in spain

Thrive in Travel: Truffle Hunting in Piedmont, Italy

Ice Cream: who doesn’t love this summer treat? Facts and Easy Recipes 

Kids need play to thrive. Learn just how to do that

Need more veggies? Incorporate vegetables into interesting dishes

Thrive in Travel: Croatian Island Getway

Thrive in Travel: A Traveler’s Thanksgiving, in Turkey 

I am obsessed with Belgium Beer…and homebrew, and people who thrive when they follow their passions and SHARE them

Thrive in Travel: The best fries I’ve tasted….Paris’ Spring 


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