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Thrive Time Podcast: Use research based advice given in a practical manner to make your life thrive. Join expert Dr. White and Eli Smith as they question the status quo and help listeners achieve what they want and appreciate what they have. Learn to Live and love beyond just getting by. It's time to Thrive.


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Get em Going: motivating kids….Podcast #15

Ever wonder how parents get their kids to do tasks they don’t like? From the beginning of this podcast, Eli and Dr. White discuss the difference between what we are motivated FOR (what we ultimately want) and by  (what factors increase our hard work). Understanding each will unlock our ability to motivate others. Other topics addressed include the benefits and costs of praise, as well as labels (“you’re so smart!”)

If you have or plan to have kids soon, don’t miss this podcast.




Connection, Influence or Achievement Motivators….Podcast #14

What drives your goals and behaviors in this season of your life? In Podcast 2 out of 4, learn how different types of motivators influence our work and home lives, and what we can do to feel more at home in ourselves. Our you currently driven by connection or influence or achievement? Understand yourself first, and then begin to identify the motivator styles of others in your live. Use these insights to BE MORE THAN YOUR STATUS QUO.

Motivation Equation…Podcast #13

Missed your thrive time? So did we! We start to feel antsy when life prevents us from doing what we love to do. Ever wonder why it’s so hard to motivate yourself and others? Getting your kids to do the dishes, your partner to choose a vacation destination or yourself to finally get a long overdue physical can feel like winning a gold medal. Part one of a four part series on motivation examines the basic equation for understanding, and increasing, motivation. Listen in to learn the basic motivation equation and BE MORE THAN YOUR STAUS QUO.


Comfortable in your own skin: healthy body image tips…Podcast #11

Feeling incompetent and or lacking confidence in our natural physical state is a common side effect of our modern lives.

Many kids have or want to be on a diet. Most adults carry baggage from being teased as kids themselves. In this episode, specific tips for developing healthy body image habits are discussed.

Learning to feel comfortable in your own skin is a key foundation of living beyond your status quo.  This podcast offers ways for us to advocate for our individual definitions of beauty and health.


Are you a bully? Body Image….Podcast #10

By the time we enter kindergarden, we’ve already developed NARROW ideals of what  “pretty” “smart” “nice” “strong” looks like. No one is immune from doubting if our bodies are “good enough.” Our attention is easily stolen towards body shame. Listen to this podcast to learn statistics about body image, how to reduce body shame, and develop healthy family habits to combat body bullying.



Think you need competition? Try a Coach instead….Podcast #9

We hear it all the time: you need to compete with only yourself. But what if what you really need to thrive is a coach? Effective coaching takes you right where you are, and guides to towards your goals. What life skills STICK with us? Listen to this podcast to discover what research says about competition and coaching and how to use coaching to be MORE THAN YOUR STATUS QUO.


Eat Less, Worry Less, Spend Less…Podcast #8

Fear. Expectations. Obligations. At the beginning at this new year, we often set out with goals to make our lives thrive. We do things we don’t want to do because we feel guilty, or because we are on autopilot. In this episode, we discuss how we can change toxic habits of overyworrying, overspending and overeating. The first step to changing habits is to bring awareness to them. Pass along to anyone in your life with resolutions in these areas.


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