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Can you read my mind, please?….Podcast #17

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If you loved me, you’d know what I’m thinking right now. No really. I shouldn’t have to tell you. In this podcast, Eli and Dr. White discuss our capacity to anticipate another person’s thoughts, feelings and desires. Are women better than men? Is it too much to expect out of our relationships? Learn how “mind reading” develops and how to train relationships to be connected on thriving level.


[audio http://kaiserslautern.afneurope.net/Portals/Kaiserslautern/Media%20Assets/2013/PODCAST/THRIVE%20TIME/THRIVE-MindReading-140313/THRIVE-Mind%20Reading-140312.mp3]

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Use research based advice given in a practical manner to make your life thrive. Join expert Dr. White and Eli Smith as they question the status quo and help listeners achieve what they want and appreciate what they have. Learn to Live and love beyond just getting by. It's time to Thrive. *This site is not intended as medical advice and is not a psychological service, please consult with your medical provider*
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