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Thrive Time Podcast: Use research based advice given in a practical manner to make your life thrive. Join expert Dr. White and Eli Smith as they question the status quo and help listeners achieve what they want and appreciate what they have. Learn to Live and love beyond just getting by. It's time to Thrive.


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Because I’m Happy….podcast #21

Ever feel as if some days it’s just easier to feel happier than others? People who feel in control of their livers tend to have higher levels of happiness. This episode features research on how to use what’s going  on around you as fuel for your happiness. Don’t miss out on a lively discussion at the end about if the pursuit of happiness has gone too far.



How to be optimistic….podcast #20

Would you call yourself an optimist? Most people say that they aren’t negative, but they aren’t “optimistic.”  Do you expect great things to happen, or do you plan for the worst? Our beliefs and expectations heavily influence our behaviors, and often set us up for making careless mistakes or a state of stagnation.  This podcast offers guidance on how to watch out for your blind sides without being a pessimist.




The Psychology of Birthdays. Podcast #19

Does the thought of adding another number make you cringe? Despite what pop culture says, age matters. But not in the negative matter we assume. What are we afraid of losing? How do we use our birthdays as a measuring stick? Listen to the podcast to learn how to take your birthday as an opportunity to become your more authentic self.



Can men and women be friends? Podcast #18

How you answer this question will reflexively influence your partnering, parenting and profession. In this podcast, Dr. White and Eli battle out research and practical wisdom to figure out not just CAN, but SHOULD,  we have opposite sex friendships. In an age where making authentic connections can be a challenge, the podcast presents key practices to creating thriving relationships



Can you read my mind, please?….Podcast #17

If you loved me, you’d know what I’m thinking right now. No really. I shouldn’t have to tell you. In this podcast, Eli and Dr. White discuss our capacity to anticipate another person’s thoughts, feelings and desires. Are women better than men? Is it too much to expect out of our relationships? Learn how “mind reading” develops and how to train relationships to be connected on thriving level.



What gets in motivation’s way….Podcast #16

Ever wonder why we get stuck, feel road blocked, want to do “better” but can’t? It’s easy to be our own status quo, and change requires not mere motivation, but situational awareness. From unpacking your suitcase, to finishing your on-line school work, to going to your annual physical: why are you STILL where you are? Part Four of Four part series brings motivation within your grasp.



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